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“I’ve been working with Lorin Martini for about 2 years. I filled out an evaluation of my current health status and future nutritional goals followed by an in person meeting. She created a diet based on my personal health goals with simple and easy to follow directions. I can proudly say that I have moved from a gluten (bread) and meat based diet to an organic plant and lean meat based diet. In the process I have seen my energy levels increase drastically, body fat melt away, fitness level go beyond my original goals, and most importantly received tons of positive comments from friends and family members.

Having a coach that listens to your needs and designs a plan around what you are looking to accomplish makes all the difference. Not only will you go into each day excited to see what you can do but, when you are having a bad day (and we all have them) you have a support crutch to help get you though. Talking with Lorin on a consistent basis will help you to stay on track and meet your goals faster then you can imagine. While noting can replace hard work you want to make sure you have the correct nutritional and exercise knowledge behind that hard work to meet the goal you are capable of reaching. Working with Lorin has helped to improve my life in more ways then expected. I am not only writing this review to thank Lorin for her help but also give other people out there the little extra push they need to change there life in a positive direction.” – Travis White, San Francisco, CA


“Before doing this cleanse, I was an exhausted stay at home mom of two little girls with hardly any energy, constant sugar/caffeine cravings to make it through the day, and always seemed to be battling headaches and mood swings. After only 4 days into the cleanse, my caffeine headaches were gone, my mood seemed to stabilize (without all the caffeine highs followed by crashes), I stopped craving sugar, and for the first time in almost 2 years, I felt like I could make it through the day without needing a nap! By the end of the cleanse, I lost 4 pounds, radically changed my diet (stopped reaching for junk and now am dedicated to clean eating), and looked/felt better than I have in a long time! I plan on doing this cleanse every year and have raved about it to all my friends! It was the perfect jumpstart for me to get back into a lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise and detoxification so that I can be the best I can be for myself and my family!” – Lindsay Newman, Union, KY


“Lorin was a wonderful nutritionist in my experience! Her approach was very comprehensive and holistic which helped teach me about my specific nutritional needs and pitfalls. She helped me hold myself accountable to my nutritional goals and the detox plan helped me reset some old unhealthy habits. Overall the experience was great and I only wish I could meet with her daily 🙂 I took away some very valuable lessons and would recommend anyone to see Lorin for some extra motivation/teaching/perspective about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle!”- Ariel Boxerman, San Francisco, CA

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