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Love to Live Nutrition does not endorse “dieting”, rather, encourages each individual to find and follow their inner food voice and build a foundation for which they can lead a healthy lifestyle. My ultimate goal is to empower you through a combination of knowledge diffusion and ongoing support that allows for personal growth and betterment. As we all strive to achieve balance in our lives the best place to start is with the food that fuels our everyday activities!

Do you find it difficult to lose weight?
Is it hard to gain weight?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Are your energy levels inadequate?
Are you looking to increase your athletic performance?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need Love to Live Nutrition in your life.


Nutrition Analysis Package

New clients start here to resolve current health issues such as weight loss resistance, digestive discomfort, suspicion of food allergies, and any other health concerns that you would like to address through nutrition coaching. The initial consultation is vital for a successful experience. During which, we will discuss your health history, current goals and obstacles, expectations, and anything else relevant to our success in working together.

This package includes:

  • Initial consultation, 90 minutes
  • 3-day food log analysis
  • 2 (45 minute) follow up sessions
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Meal plans made especially for you!
  • Recommended reading


Concierge Nutrition Service 

Offered to clients upon completion of the Nutrition Analysis Package. During this time, we evolve your diet, assess dietary intervention, review dietary actions and create new goals. For best results, I recommend committing to a 3-6 month program. Commit and save! Please email for pricing and special discounts. 

Per month receive

    • Weekly 40 minute session via skype/google hangout, phone or in-person depending on location, to ensure success
    • Daily communication via texts
    • Question and answer emails
    • Customized meal plans and rotation diets
    • Supplement review and recommendations
    • Suggested health tests, as needed (i.e. comprehensive metabolic profile, CWP, thyroid, adrenal)
    • Journal review

Add Ons

  • Pantry Raid
    • A well-stocked pantry and refrigerator are critical components of a healthy lifestyle. During this 25-minute session, I will gladly sort through the good, the bad and the ugly; provide alternatives and tips for selecting better choices in the future.
  • Shopping Tour 

    • Do you dread going to the grocery store? Would you like to learn how to make this a quick and painless experience? Let me guide you through your local market and help you become a shopping expert!


Individual Tune Up Sessions

Tune up sessions available by phone or skype/google hangout.


***please email for pricing***


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