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I want to introduce you to a relatively new product: vTrue.vTrue-Formula-P-v1

vTrue is truly a unique beverage. It is classified as a skin supplement due to its long list of functional ingredients. The company started by launching two unique flavors, Blackberry Tangerine and Goji Lemon. The physician developed beauty beverage contains a proprietary blend of 14 botanical extracts, along with 100% of the recommended daily allowance of eight different vitamins and minerals. Said vitamins include vitamins A and E, niacin (B3), B6, B12, biotin (B7), pantothenic acid (B5), and zinc.

Proprietary Blend:

  • Gotu Kola- Improves Skin Circulation, Free Radical UV Repair, Protects & Heals Skin, Produces Collagen, Skin Antioxidant 
  • Acai Fruit Extract- Protects & Heals Skin, Produces Collagen, Skin Antioxidant
  • Grape Seed Extract- Firms Elasticity, Protects & Heals Skin, Skin Antioxidant
  • Pine Bark- Improves Skin Circulation, Firms Elasticity, Produces Collagen, Increases Hydration
  • EGCG- Free Radical UV Repair, Protects & Heals Skin
  • Apple Polyphenols- Free Radical UV Repair, Protects & Heals Skin, Skin Antioxidant
  • Goji Berry Fruit Extract- Improves Skin Circulation, Free Radical UV Repair, Protects & Heals Skin, Produces Collagen, Skin Antioxidant
  • Golden Root Extract- Improves Skin Circulation, Free Radical UV Repair, Protects & Heals Skin, Skin Antioxidant
  • Sea Buckthorn Extract- Produces Collagen, Skin Antioxidant
  • White Tea Polyohenols- Increases Hydration
  • Pomegranate Fruit Extract- Produces Collagen
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract- Free Radical UV Repair, Protects & Heals Skin
  • Gingko Bibloba Leaf Extract- Improves Skin Circulation,  Firms Elasticity, Free Radical UV Repair, Protects & Heals Skin, Produces Collagen
  • Silica- Firms Elasticity, Protects & Heals Skin, Produces Collagen


In my opinion, what makes this brand so revolutionary is the way they are changing the notion that you treat your skin topically. Our skin needs certain ingredients to repair, rejuvenate and be healthy just like the rest of our body. In fact, what you are applying to your face doesn’t necessarily penetrate the several layers of skin like you think it is. Say buh-bye to your $300 face cream and swap it for a good ol’ fashion diet rich in nutrient dense vegetables and other skin salvaging whole-foods or beverages. Take it from me, you truly have feed your body the nutrients it needs in order for you to be beautiful on the exterior. Think of a rose bush, if it is not hydrated, exposed to the right amount of sunlight, or given a nutrient dense soil, it will not bloom as nature intended. Same is true for your skin, if your body is starved for nutrients, your hair, skin and nails will suffer immensely. For any nutrients it does take in, will go directly to the more “important” organs and systems like your brain, heart, hormone production etc…

Each bottle only has 45 calories and 9 grams of sugar. I normally do not recommend consuming sugar, however, since there are so many positive attributes, I suggest applying the principles of nutrient timing, meaning having vTrue when your body can absorb the sugar most efficiently. Personally I use vTrue as a base in my post workout shake. This way my body readily absorbs the sugar, along with protein, into the cells to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Or, you can have a bottle before a run or exercise class. Another option is to drink this beauty beverage with a little alcohol as a mixer so you’re getting your B vitamins and beautifying benefits all while getting a nice buzz. Hey, we all have our vices! To see results, it is recommended to have one bottle a day in order to reap all these wonderful benefits. Just think of it as a multi-vitamin for your skin.

All in all I am a fan. To learn more about vTrue visit


Lorin’s New You Strategy #2

Lorin’s New You Strategy #2

HIIT It Baby!

 HIIT Yourself Fit!!


Want to change your body? Looking for a way to spice up your workouts? Bored in the gym? Want to lose body fat? Want more energy? Short on time?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then HIIT is for you! I incorporated HIIT (high intensity interval training) into my exercise routine about three years ago and I will never go back. I was absentmindedly looking at Pintrest and came across a photo with a killer workout and decided to give it a go. I tend to get bored easily in the gym so I constantly look for new things to try. Sure enough, after only one go, I was hooked. The endorphins gave me the equivalent of a runner’s high after only 12 minutes. Yes! 12 minutes! HIIT is an efficient way to exercise (typically lasting 12-15 minutes), which boosts your body’s ability to burn calories after your done working out. This “after burn” and can last hours- sometimes days – after an intense workout. The best part is, research supports this incredible way of training.


Add some weekly sessions of HIIT into your exercise routine to break monotony and finally see those changes you’ve been craving. I promise it is worth the effort. This new way of working out will challenge you, have you gasping for air and tempt you to give up. But don’t because it’s worth every last bead of sweat!


What is it?

Short bouts of intense exercise interrupted by a short rest intervals. For example, 60 seconds on, 120 seconds rest, or 50 seconds on 10 seconds rest. You can use anything really; a treadmill, elliptical, weights, weighted rope, kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells, or forgo equipment all together and use bodyweight.

Supportive Research

  1. Effectively burns fat
    • HIIT increases the size of your cell’s mitochondria (its fat burning furnace) by an amazing 35%, meaning a larger furnace in each cell and greater fat loss from your efforts.
    • A study from Laval University, found HIIT was nine times more effective for losing fat than steady-state cardio and showed substantial gains in aerobic and aerobic fitness.
    • The Journal of Obesity reported that 12 weeks of HIIT not only resulted in significant reductions in total abdominal, trunk, and visceral fat, but can also give you significant increases in fat-free mass and aerobic power.
  2. Improves cardiovascular health
    • A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found just six HIIT workouts performed over two or three weeks, each lasting just a few minutes, produced measurable improvements in key markers of cardiovascular health.
    • HIIT produces greater increases in maximal oxygen consumption, insulin sensitivity and blood vessel health than sustained aerobic training.
  3. Improves certain hormone responses
    • Boosts human growth hormone (HGH), aka the “fitness hormone.”
    • Research published in Cell Metabolism showed that when healthy but inactive people exercised intensely, it produced an immediate measurable change in their DNA. Specifically increasing the production of fat-busting enzymes.
    • Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that unfit but otherwise healthy middle-aged adults were able to improve their insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation after just six sessions of interval training.
    • A follow-up study from Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism also found that interval training positively impacted insulin sensitivity. In fact, the study involved people with full-blown type 2 diabetes, and just ONE interval training session was able to improve blood sugar regulation for the next 24 hours!
    • Carbohydrate use, blood lactate concentrations, adrenaline, cortisol and interleukin-6 were higher than during HIIT than continuous exercise.
  4. Increases energy production
    • HIIT has been shown to increase muscle mitochondrial ATP production and improve muscle endurance.
    • A single bout of low-volume HIIT can activate mitochondrial biogenesis (the process of replicating mitochondria within a cell, in order to increase ATP production in response to an increased demand for energy) and even double endurance capacity as compared with aerobic exercise.

Give HIIT a go!

Option #1:

50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest. Use a kettle bell and barbell. Choose a weight that is challenging.

  1. Warm up for 5-12 minutes
  2. Kettle bell swing (kettle bell)
  3. Plie squats with alternate leg side raise (barbell)
  4. Wood chops- Alternate (kettle bell)
  5. Front lunge with twist- Alternate (kettle bell)
  6. Squat press (barbell)
  7. **repeat**

Option #2:

  1. Warm up for 10 minutes
  2. 30 second sprint
  3. 30 second walking recovery
  4. Repeat 2-3 nine additional times for a total of 10 circuits
  5. Walk for 20-20 minutes at 50% of your maximum heart rate to cool down.

Option #3:

15 min HIIT





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