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About Me

My Background

LoloI hold a Nutrition Consultant certification from Bauman College: Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts as well as a Bachelor of Science in International Business from the University of San Francisco. I have been a professional member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) since 2010. My business, Love to Live Nutrition, is dedicated to improving the lives of clients through a combination of knowledge diffusion and an ongoing support that allows for personal growth and betterment.

I specialize in working with clients with the following concerns:

    • Weight management
  • Impaired digestion due to food allergies, intolerances and or sensitivities
  • Sports nutrition
  • Detoxification programs

My Story

I was born and raised in Newport Beach, CA. As an active child, I played with friends from sun up to sun down. Summers were filled with trips to beach and winters never kept us inside. My days were fueled by ¨typical kid food” such as mac and cheese, Top Ramen, PB&J, chips, ice cream, pizza and a array of fruits and veggies.

During my sophomore year of high school I realized something was wrong. I felt sluggish during the day and gained excess weight that would not leave my midsection no matter how hard I tried. Regardless of what I ate, a healthy salad or deep-fried chicken fingers, I experienced sharp pains around my bellybutton. After a battery of non-conclusive tests, my doctor concluded that I must be lactose intolerant and suggested I omit dairy. After 8 months of a lactose free diet and no improvement, I was referred to gastroenterologist. In a final attempt to identify the culprit, the specialist ordered an ultrasound. To my doctor’s surprise, several gallstones were detected. I was immediately scheduled for surgery to remove my gallbladder.

Contrary to what the doctors promised, I didn’t feel better after surgery. I was left to fend for myself, uninformed and without any nutritional guidance about how to live a healthy life sans gallbladder.

Three months after my surgery, I was living in the dorms at the University of San Francisco. I felt malnourished. By the end of my freshman year instead of gaining the proverbial ¨freshman 15¨ I had lost 15 pounds. I felt weak, unhealthy, and looked painfully thin. I began researching nutrition hoping to find the best way to feed my body and feel healthy again. The next three years I ate cleaner versions of my favorite foods (i.e. no processed foods, mainly vegetables, lean meats, fish and grains). Through my own due diligence, I was able to get my health back on track but I still wasn’t feeling one hundred percent.

Finally, after graduating from college and spending a year abroad in South America, I came across Bauman College and experienced my first “Ah-Ha” moment. At that moment I knew nutrition was my future. Up until that time I had been struggling to find my career path and suddenly it was clear. Today, I pride myself on having lived through a complete transformation and now I can honestly say I have never felt better! As I continue on my own path to sustained wellness, I hope to help others do the same.

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